Deadpool 2

March 01 2018 / Posted in news

Exciting assignment today, exclusively booked through Industry! Our lovely artists are shooting for the new Marvel / 20th Century Fox - Deadpool 2 TV Commercial! In association with Manchester United. The new film Deadpool 2 will hit the silver screen on 1st June 2018! Look out for the brilliant advertisement in the meantime!

Hollyoaks Cast

March 02 2018 / Posted in news

HUGE congratulations to Nitin Patel who has just secured a cast part on Hollyoaks!! We are so happy for you Nitin, your hard work has paid off!

Apoteket TV Commercial

March 09 2018 / Posted in news

Wishing all our artists who are filming for the new Apoteket TV Commercial on Sunday a fantastic shoot! Have a great day guys!

Channel 4 Dispatches

March 12 2018 / Posted in news

Tune in to Channel 4 tonight at 8pm to watch Dispatches! This episode features our artists - Adam Wilson, Emma Sharrock and Sharene Haffenden in their cast roles! Great work guys!

IBS Awareness Campaign

March 02 2018 / Posted in news

Well Done to Hayley Gibbons who has just shot for a new IBS Awareness Campaign this week! The feedback from the client was fantastic!

Team Industry!

March 02 2018 / Posted in news

Some of our lovely Industry artists on yesterday’s shoot, braving the blistering cold! Well Done guys! You’ve all been amazing!

Dreams TV Commercial

March 13 2018 / Posted in news

Well Done to Martin Ikeasomba who has been confirmed on the new Dreams TV Commercial as a featured artist! He will be filming tomorrow alongside our lovely Background Artists too!

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