Michelle Parker


Age: 45 Height: 5'1.5" Head Size: 22" Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Dress: 14 Bust: 38D Hips: 45 Waist: 38" Shoe: 5


Michelle is a multi-skilled, registered Nurse, most predominantly in mental health but has also worked on adult wards and those with learning difficulties. She is also experienced in counseling and talking therapies, as well as being a Behaviour Therapist. In addition to this she has been a Nurse Manager, overseeing wards, meetings, disciplineres, recruitment etc. Furthermore she also has experience in the following work roles:
-Working at a secure hospital - experience with personality disorders, psychopaths, offenders and acute psychosis.
- Prison work - working in police custody cells, escorting prisoners / patients to the dock in Crown Court.
- Assessment of persons.
-Assessment of mental state.
-Assessment of Hospitals - she also works for the CQC.
-Conflict resolution.
-Control and restraint.
- Intermediate life support trained.
- Can train people in CPR.
Michelle also has a teaching qualification and is a town Councillor.

Credits Include: Coronation Street WO3 - The A Word - Emmerdale - Hollyoaks