Self Tape Top Tips

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Shooting a Self Tape

Self tapes are requested more than ever within the industry. They have become the main way to cast for a project. When you are asked to self tape, it’s the equivalent to attending a casting with the casting director. However, you are able to do it from home and film as many takes as you need!

The self tapes are reviewed and shortlisted by the Casting Director, you may even be invited to meet them in person after they have seen the tape. It speeds up the casting process and it also saves artists time as it can all be done from where you are.


Top Tip Number 1

Setting up to film:

First of all, film your self tapes landscape. Try your best to film against a plain wall in your home, and pick a spot that has good lighting. If the video is too dark or it’s difficult to see you, it may not be viewed by the casting director. Always dress as the role you are taping for, if you come across as that character, your helping them to visualise it!


Top Tip Number 2


Make sure the camera is aligned at eye level so that your face can be clearly seen! If you need to show a full body shot, film this separately.

Your introduction is very important, as it’s the official first impression. Make sure you smile and come across as engaging. Your tape should start with your NAME, AGE, AGENCY. Followed by showing your profiles and hands. Then your free to film any action or lines that have been sent to you. If you have a line or a script, it’s best that you try and learn the words, and have someone read the other lines from behind the camera!


Top Tip Number 3

It’s really important to remember to enjoy the process, the more self tapes you do, the better you will get at shooting them!

Every self tape is an official audition, so give it your best shot!